bucket meat, and no it's not from KFC

We've been eating bucket meat lately.

I bet you're wondering what bucket meat is too. See that smoking burning barrel in my back yard?

Bucket meat is meat that's cooked in there. I have fun telling people we're eating meat out of a bucket in the back yard. Steven spent the last couple of months slowly building (building? putting together?) a smoker.

Last week one night we ate a pork roast out of the bucket. I insisted that the pork tasted like whatever was cooking off the inside of the bucket. I like to call it rust roast or burning barrel roast or chemical roast. Steven is adequately irritated at all these descriptions. It's a good thing he's got a sense of humor.

I won't pretend to know what was involved in putting together the bucket, and Steven insists that the odd taste (which was really just limited to the very outside of the meat) came from not letting the charcoal get cooking really well before tossing the meat into the barrel. He made ham in the bucket today and it was actually pretty good. I think it's a matter of perfecting his system. I'll let him do it. I found it rather entertaining that each time the fire went out he moved the meat to the barbecue so that he could relight the fire (this didn't happen when he was cooking the chemical roast pork last week) before putting the meat back into the barrel. I didn't point out that we could just probably slow roast the meat in the barbecue. Apparently, the barbecue doesn't give the meat the smoked taste he's looking for.

I tease Steven about his many, many, . . . . many many projects, but I do find it interesting as well as entertaining.

Keep at it honey. Love you!


Steve Finnell said…
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Candice said…

Gosh I love your blog, Tiffany!

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