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These are the books I took out of the library weeks ago. I am determined to read them, especially since I have to make up for the fines I've already paid for them.

These are the books I took out last night.

These are the books I have been lent by friends and family who know I like to read and have books that I just must check out.

Let's just say that I should be set for the summer!
My eldest daughter is a hoarder. I'm serious. I went into her room today to do a quick pick up and I figured I'd just go quickly through the closet and shelves, and of course every corner and surface available, and just toss or recycle things that had met their time.

There was so much crap.

Jordan keeps every slip of paper that ever met a crayon, everything scrap that was ever lovingly snipped with a piece of paper. The leftover scraps of paper that were cut off things she drew and needed to cut out. I found broken jewelery, torn teddy bears, a Subway container that used to contain cookies.

I also found about twenty assorted lids she must have rescued from the recycling bin. Milk jug lids, coke lids, lids from pickle jars. They are all precious.

They are now also all in the garbage.

Sometimes this house and the mess of the six people living here just seems so overwhelming.

This is not helped by the fact that they are hoarding junk.

This is my phone speaking.

Alright. This is kind of cool. Although typing an entireBlog post on my phone might be a little annoying.
Sooo grumpy. I know. You really wanted to know.

But not at this kid. How cute is she?

Last year we camped at Creekside, and we went for a walk and Steven said something like "I don't know how these people could just rent these seasonal lots. There's really nothing to do there..." and basically if they just wanted to sit around on their decks they could do that at home.

I could totally rent a cabin at Creekside and just spend the summer in the hammock with a stack of books. And no phone and no computer. Don't laugh. I really could.

meat, tires and life planners

A personal life planner would be awesome. Imagine someone making all your decisions for you, especially if they could magically know the outcomes of each possible decision.

Except that I don't really like being told what to do.

But still.

Honestly. I am so bored.

Do you know what would be awesome - besides the aforementioned life planner? A bonfire. But not by myself. I'd need my husband to stop working on that pile of scrap metal on the road he calls a truck and light something up. I could light it up too, but it would be more fun if he was around when it happened. One of these days one of you will show up with three logs and a lighter and we'll sit around the fire. How cool would that be? Imagine the invite:

You're invited to a Party! Where: Tiffany's House When: Friday night Why?: Because she found some coolers,  and she's bored, and needs her friends to entertain her.
Bring a lawn chair and a log. Two logs would be better  and would earn you vast amounts of browni…

i have been told: lice, hairspray and nature

Before I continue, nobody in this house has lice.

I was brushing Jordan's hair this morning and when I was done I tried to quickly and nonchalantly pull it back into a pony tail. Jordan, who prefers her hair long, down, unbrushed and completely wild (she'd be happier if there were leaves and twigs in it I'm sure) immediately summoned forth the whiny voice and said "I don't want my hair in a pony tail. I don't want anything in my hair." I quickly finished twisting the elastic in and replied, "Well there's lice going around again. If you have a pony tail you'll be way less likely to get lice."

She reaches to pull out the elastic. I push her hand away. "I don't want it," she said. "Jordan, seriously, do you want lice?"

I'm not even ashamed about the fearmongering. She has long pretty blond hair and I'd love to play with it, but she figures that just allowing it to be brushed is compromise enough.

She scowled …

two hours, all by myself!

It's true. I am, at this very moment, sitting in my living room. It is quiet in here. There is no TV, no treehouse, no Bop-It, no screeching and wrestling children. I can hear the ticking clock.

For the next seven Thursdays Elliot will be in nursery school from 8:45 - 11:15. I normally grocery shop on Thursday mornings. Today I decided I could do something that I couldn't normally do with small children wrapped around my legs. I figured I could get a run in.

Then I thought about my quiet quiet house and the plan changed to just sitting here and reveling.

Don't get me wrong, I mostly enjoy my children. But the first person to wax poetic about the pitter patter of little feet obviously didn't have children. By the time those little children are old enough to stand upright on those little feet the pitter patter is more of a thunder.

But not today. There is no thundering of little feet for the next little while. This never happens. With six people living in this house I am…