blogtober 13th - things i have not yet done today

Things I have not yet done on this 13th of Blogtober:
  1. breathed
  2. slept
  3. showered
  4. blogged
  5. eaten
  6. had pictures taken
  7. had lunch at some entirely unhealthy food venue in the Peggers
  8. coined any new cool words
  9. watched any nasty movies
  10. scared any child
  11. tickled anyone until pee came out (nothing spells fun like a laughing child yelling "i'm peeing"!)
  12. tucked the monsters angels into bed

I'm sitting here yesterday listening to the obvious sounds of thumping and destruction in the boys room. But since this happened yesterday and not now (oh no, not now) I won't go into it. Probably because I haven't actually checked it out yet. You'd think I'd have noticed it last night when I put the kids to bed. You'd think.

This was not nearly as clever as I thought it would be. Whatevs.

And really, who makes a list with 11 things on it? That's just weird. If I was one of those obsessive compulsive number people I'd go back and change that.


Neodad said…
Today I did 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, craptacular!, 8 and the rest will have to wait.

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