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I know this is highly out of character, but I'm going to rant about something that's probably unimportant in the big picture.

I watched Beauty and the Beast tonight. This show is about a young woman who watches her mother get murdered and only escapes death herself when some mysterious beastly man appears out of nowhere to kill her mother's killers who chase her through the bush. Eight years later she meets the beastly man again while she is investigating a homicide. Again he saves her life. She realizes it's the same guy, and as their stories intertwine it becomes evident that her mother was killed because of some giant government cover up that centers upon what made the beastly man so, well, beastly. Interesting enough right? Right.

You're probably wondering what my beef is. It's this; the woman and her woman partner are crime scene detectives. A victim is pushed off a building in the middle of the night and plummets to her death. The detectives show up looking like this:


I know these shows are big on sex appeal, but really? A detective show? Now I'm not saying that if you're not sporting a moustache you're not a good detective, but I'm pretty sure that a female cop who gets called to a crime scene at three in the morning isn't going to take the time to perfectly apply her makeup while straightening and curling her hair.

Don't you think that having long, loose hair, and crawling all over bodies would be a potential contamination of a crime scene? Not to mention watching these two poring over crime scenes with their hair hanging down in their faces makes me want to reach through the screen with a scrunchy. It's ridiculous.
 Also, let's talk designer clothes. I know that if I had to chase "perps" and leap from roof to roof and scale fences I'd totally want to do it in a pair of designer boots, skinny jeans, a push-up bra and a fitted leather jacket. As if.
 Why can't television show that a woman can be sexy while wearing situational appropriate clothes and being confident and capable? Why must buttons on shirts be straining before a show is appealing?
The other day the lead character chased someone down a subway tunnel, along the rail tracks wearing the above-mentioned uniform and I thought to myself, Self, if you become a police officer or detective, you had better invest in a good pair of Nikes and pants you can run in. A sports bra might be a good idea, and for god's sake, do something about that flowing, perfectly curled hair that's whipping around in your face.

But hey, nothing is sexier or more feminine than a lack of common sense, right?


Sonya said…
Couldn't agree with you more.

But what kind of ratings would a show get if the detectives showed up with a bedhead in a ponytail, sweat pants and pancake boobs (thanks to the sports bra)?

I can hardly walk in heels, let alone jump across roof tops in them. I pretty much look like the person I described above. But that's just so I can chase down Reid everyday. Maybe once he's all grown up it will be more practical to look like a super model. ;)

Ashley N. said…
I also agree. Sonya you made me literally LOL.

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