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This winter we babysat a little dog named Simon. We had the option to keep him if we liked him at the end of the week. I hadn't had a dog in years. I had a little dog when I was 18, but life happened and I moved into an apartment in Portage where I couldn't have pets. We left Chloe with Steven's mom, always intending to take her back once we had a pet-friendly place to live. It didn't happen for six  years. Steven and I bought a house and took back our dog. By then she was eight years old, wasn't all that excited about the kids, had many many accidents in the house and didn't get the attention that she needed with me working part time, Steven working more than full time and us having a toddler and a baby on the way. We decided to find a better home for her.

This winter we babysat Simon. He was a cute little bugger, and it was more my idea than Steven's. He said no. I said let's take him and see how you feel in a few days. Steven may have been somewhat …

please sponsor me in the ms walk!

Hello Everyone!

I'm walking in the MS Walk tomorrow here in Portage. I've done the walk for a number of years now, and I think it's an excellent cause. If you'd like to make a donation to help fund MS research please CLICK HERE!


day nine of the super fun verwey family flu, spring 2012

Today was day nine of the Super Fun Verwey Family Flu Spring of 2012 series. I'm so tired of it. It started last Friday with Mitchell, and then moved on to Tennyson on Monday and Elliot on Wednesday. Each kid throws up for a few days and then has diarrhea for a few more, and then throws up a few times a few days later just to make sure I appreciate it even more when it really is over. I'm over it. I was kind of over it before it even started, but now I'm over it for sure.

Ellie is probably having the worst time. I suspected that she had a UTI earlier this week and was going to try and collect a urine sample from her and bring it in for testing. On the morning that I was going to do this she started throwing up, so I figured getting her to drink lots of fluids and waiting for pee to magically appear in a cup under a non-potty-trained toddler would have to wait. By yesterday she was still fevered and throwing up and telling me that it was hot and hurt anytime she peed.

I too…
Ellie started later this morning, so that's 3 of 4 of the kids.

Next up: Me and Jordan, and the many many people we've hung out with in the last few days. Sorry about that.

puke. in may. for crying out loud.

I hate puke. There, I said it.

Seriously though. On Friday I was in the living room with the kids and a couple of their friends. Suddenly Mitchie got this funny look on his face and yelled "Mommy I'm gonna puke!" and he did. All over the floor and into a rubbermaid tote I managed to grab as the throw up started spraying. I kind of chalked it up to him playing for hours out in the cold and then coming in and chugging a glass of milk. But then the night came, and we tucked the kids all into bed only to be up a dozen times with him as he continued to throw up.

On Saturday we decided to go ahead with Tennyson's birthday party anyway. (Happy 5th Birthday Tennyson!). Mitchie had eaten two bowls of cereal and milk and had successfully kept it down. The birthday party happened. Everything seemed to be okay, even though Mitchie spent part of it camped out on the couch with his blankie.

Saturday night brought another all-nighter with Mitchell being sick again.

Sunday, not bad.…


I'll admit it. I feel entirely unmotivated to do anything productive today. I called Steven at work and joked with him to bring me some supper, but I wasn't entirely joking. I do have leftovers, but then I'd have to get up and do something with them. I'd rather keep reading my book.

I babysat two little boys today. They're pretty funny. The youngest little boy is the same age as Elliot. They kept wandering off into bedrooms and pulling night lights out of the walls. Eventually I stuck everyone in the basement where all the toys are and took my book downstairs for some quality reading time. After lunch I put the youngest two to bed and the older three kids played upstairs and down while I read some more. I didn't feel like doing housework or putting the wash into the dryer. I still have to do that.

Supper was left overs.

I just have no motivation to anything today. I came home from dropping off the kids at school this morning and have been in Steven's loungi…