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ticker, weight stuff

I walked 50.9 miles this week (Mon-Sun). I don't usually do that much, but last week was such a bust because of a stomach bug that I figured I was going to go over the top this week to make up for it. I really want to annihilate that ticker.

Then I might try for five more, but I don't know. If I did that I'll weigh the least I've weighed since puberty hit. I have no idea how much I should actually aim for. I'm actually feeling pretty good in my clothes these days and I don't feel overly pressured to lose a bunch more, but it would be nice to find out what my actual ideal weight should be. Whatever.

If you're wondering where my "Miles Walked" ticker went, it's at the bottom of this blog.

I haven't been running enough lately. The last few weekends the track has been closed due to hockey tournaments, and I just don't feel all that excited about running on the ice outside. I have this thing about falling and injuring myself. Soon though, I…

orange puree

I made the orange puree (carrots and sweet potatoes) this afternoon too. It'll also be snuck onto my pizza sauce tonight. Not bad - a pizza that contains sweet potatoes, carrots and white beans that nobody knows about. Suckers. Not to mention that I'm going to top it with chicken breast, feta cheese, regular cheese, mushrooms and green peppers. Mmmm.

Maybe I'll make Steven sleep on the couch.

Oh right, the orange puree. I made the orange puree, and Jordan hovered the whole time and watched me blender up the potatoes and carrots. Then she begged to have some, so I served her up a bowl of warm, sweet veggies. She devoured it, and licked her fingers clean when she was done. Obviously I won't have to be so sneaky where she's concerned.

It's more Mr. "Veggies Don't Enter My Body" Mitchell that I'm thinking of.

white bean puree

Okay, so I made KD, which I threw a couple of handfuls of extra macaroni into, and then when I was mixing it up I added probably a half cup of the pureed beans. The kids had no idea. They devoured it as usual. I could tell it was in there, but probably mostly because I was looking for it. It may have been a little pastier in consistency, but you couldn't taste it. I didn't add any extra cheese (as the cookbook suggested) or anything either. You could add this stuff to anything!!

Then I warmed up Elliot's butternut squash and added a generous tablespoon of the beans to that too. She didn't even flinch. Ate the whole bowl, followed by an entire banana. The kid was born to eat!

I'm getting pretty excited about making up these purees!

today's to-do's

Things to do:
dust. As if. It's been on my list for weeks, I mean, days.prepare income tax stuff. Too bad it's all scattered within different piles of papers throughout the house, garage, back lane, trunk of the neighbor's car.sort piles of paper (see previous).cook carrots and sweet potatoes. Puree into a delicious paste to be fed to the baby and sneaked into my family's dinner. make dinner (or "supper", if I don't want to sound all hoitytoity). Add "orange puree" and "white bean puree" to the pizza sauce. Wait to see if husband notices.daydream of the day when Steven's scurvy clears up.pick up the big kids from school (it lets out in 8 minutes. I should probably go now).okay, going . . .

. . . okay, back. You'd be pleased to know that although school let out only 8 minutes after I posted that last bullet, I first went down and switched my wash into the dryer and started another load in the washer.

I remember, once upon a time, v…


"Fine," says Tennyson. "Then I'm not playing with you ever again Jordan. And I'm not being your brother anymore."

"You'll forget about all that."

"No I won't."


"No I won't."

On a sweeter note, Tennyson told me the other day that he loved me "one-hundred, sixty-thousandy-eight." That's a big number.
What's new over here you ask? What? You didn't. Whatever. I get it. You googled "incredibly cool Mommy/life/humor/extremely insightful personal opinion blog" and this is what came up. My sincere apologies.

It's been a weird week. I had this weird stomach flu thing that started on Tuesday, eased off Tuesday evening, and then came back with force Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. Life is great sometimes. I keep thinking I should put in for sick days, but every time that I get around to looking for that employee handbook that outlines my benefits and how to put in for them I just can't find it.

Maybe if this place wasn't such a mess these days. I have plans to get some spring cleaning done. I'd actually like to purge and clean this whole place before the end of April, have a garage sale at the beginning of May, and then haul whatever is left to MCC.

Steven thinks he wants to clean out the garage and then coat the floor in some cement floor coating stuff …


I feel incredibly lazy today. I had decided that the kids would be unplugged today - no tv, no nintendo, no movies. I held out until about 2, when they begged to watch a movie. I let them. Of course when they watch a movie I can relax on the couch too. So slack.

Luckily I have dinner ready (burgers that I made before and put in the freezer) and the house isn't too messy. Maybe I'll tackle that laundry tomorrow.

In the meantime, could you all blog or facebook or something, so that I have something interesting to read on here today? Thanks!
I've begun to notice that some blogs seem to have an actual purpose.

Not mine. I have no goals that I'm plotting out through this blog. I have no hobbies that I share. I think I just like to be on the computer and this gives me something to do when facebook dries up. I also like writing stuff down about my kids. I've thought lately that I should start keeping journals. We'll see. Of course, my first hangup is that I want to find some cute journal-type books, and make sure that I buy subsequent ones that match. Of course I can't start until that happens.

I'm so excusey.


I'm currently reading Eat, Pray, Love. It's very nicely written, and I'm enjoying it, but I find that I have to keep taking breaks from it to read other books. It's a little too . . . something. I can't even explain it. It's very interesting though, and it kind of makes me want to take up meditation. I need to relax. Focus. That sort of thing.

That's all I've got.

my husband says he'll start blogging any day now

And the best he can come up with is to copy a top ten list from the local newspaper that copied it from the late show with David Letterman.

His favorite is The Joy of Sex with Steve. Go figure.

double standards

I have this thing - for starting posts with "I have this thing." But I do, and it's sort of interesting in an I've been up since 5am so let me think I'm still interesting at 10:04pm kind of way.

There are serious double standards with men and women. Many are beneficial to men, a few fall in woman's favor.

It irritates the heck out of me when Steven drinks from my cup. Not because I think he's germy (even if he is) or dirty (I hope not) or because I don't like him (because I do). I think it's because I'm home with the kids all day, and nothing that is mine has sovereignty from them. I pour a drink - someone's little lips are on it. Or they see me have it and want one of their own. Or I leave it on the coffee table and someone whose name rhymes with Gitchie is likely to come along and spill it down the side of the couch and onto the light grey carpet. Especially if I've had a bad morning and picked up a cappuccino on the way home from all …

i don't know how everyone manages to find 100 things about themselves over and over again!

Because I'm certainly not that interesting. Those lists are fun though. The last one I did ended with my sneaky little pregnancy announcement.

I can do ten things though! Ooh, Ten Things Tuesday!

1. I ate Jordan's snack. She forgot it in the van. It was a banana. There's nothing like a forgotten snack to make a person wish she made her kids way cooler snacks.

2. I visited a friend. My baby left teeth marks in her baby's head. Sorry 'bout that.

3. I made pancakes for lunch.

4. I had a tossed salad (dressing free!) with tuna for supper. Then I accidentally ate the last of the kids' spaghetti and sauce and an ice cream cone.

5. I went to the doctor.

6. I got out of bed just after 5am to walk 3.5 miles.

7. I did not measure my cheerios in a vain attempt to try to fool myself into believing that I wouldn't toss calorie counting out the window by noon. I love me a full bowl of cheerios.

8. I tried really hard not to make fun of Steven's newest ridiculous facial hair &…

fitness stuff

Tonight I went to a new fitness class with my three sisters-in-law. It was kickboxing. Well, I think it will be. Today we did a warm up, and then some sets of push-ups, sit-ups, kicking, etc. and counted how many of each we could do in a minute. I'm guessing that we'll do it again on the last class. The class is twice a week for six weeks. I'm looking forward to changing up my routine somewhat. I had a plan to run four days a week. That's turned into one or two, depending on the week. I really don't want to run on the ice, in the dark, in the morning. I had fully intended to go to the indoor track at the PCU centre a couple of evenings a week, but most evenings I just don't feel like it, especially when I already do Zumba once a week, and then I feel a little guilty about ditching Steven multiple evenings on top of that. Zumba ends in two more sessions (tomorrow and next Wednesday), and I might drop in on Saturday mornings instead of Wednesday nights for a whil…

beating the winter blahs

January and February are my least favorite time of year. It's cold, it's unexciting and uninspiring, all the fun and craziness of the holidays ground to a halt on January 2nd. I sort of count down to the end of February, feeling like March is the light at the end of a tunnel.

Now March is here. It's not really spring. I had myself fooled into believing that I just had to get through the first two months of this year, and now I've got to slog through March. I hope April will be all sunshine and rainbows.

It's not like I haven't had stuff to do this year. I still go to diaper gym three days a week. It starts at 9:30, I get there at 8:50. Luckily, Angela often gets there shortly after me, or I'd likely be alone for close to an hour before the slackers make an appearance at 9:45 or so. Those three mornings a week help to save my waning winter sanity.

Steven and I took the kids to the Manitoba Museum a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly, they were pretty good! Sure …