"yoga pants"

Am I the only person who feels like I am wearing pajamas when I have sweat pants on?

Seriously, I know that they make nice expensive sweat pants, and have done away with the elastic at the ankles and renamed them yoga pants or what have you, but seriously, they are sweat pants.

I am cleaning my house in my "yoga pants" and hoodie today and I kind of feel like it's a waste that someone hasn't come over to hug me. Ever put your kids in head to toe sweater material? Just makes me want to drag them off to the couch and cuddle and squeeze the heck out of them.

Then I put on my "yoga pants" and honestly just want to make popcorn and watch movies. Maybe that's why this house is never clean anymore.

I also have two pairs of socks on, because it's about 15 degrees in this house. One of those pairs are thicker and have grippies on the bottoms. Like toddler socks and actual slippers made some sweet magic and now my feet are wrapped in their offspring. I can happily say that I can cram all of this into my Sketchers.

Right, back to whatever. Remember once upon a time how women dressed up a little when their husbands came home? And powedered their noses, or put on fresh deodorant, and spritzed a little more hairspray into their perfectly coiffed tresses?

Now we wear sweatpants to Walmart.

There was a day when I inwardly groaned when yet another of my friends tip toed across the line and began wearing their lounge wear to black tie functions, but slowly but surely I am joining the masses. And I am very comfy. And there are even some days when I don't change back into my jeans to pick up my kids from school.

Remember when everyone did that? You put your blue jeans on, dropped off your kids, did your errands, came home and changed into your sweatpants. Then at 3:30 you'd put your jeans back on and head back to school.

Like normal people.

These days I only do that if I happen to be wearing my green plaid smurf pants. When I'm in my "yoga pants," not to be mistaken for "sweat pants," I just wear them.

I think I'll start buying my sweaters a few sizes too big too, make a few holes in them, and maybe go to the movies...


Catherine said…
Leggings are not Yoga pants. Maybe a little bit but I class mine up with my $200 Uggs and its all good!
Tiffany said…
I laugh every time I read that comment! Class them up. lol

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