photographic evidence

My kids think they are so dang sneaky. They certainly try to be, but a lot of the time they fail big time. I'm going to pretend they're not actually pulling off a lot of not-fail sneakiness that I'm just not aware of.

Let's talk about the camera. I never see them "borrow" it. Ever. They slip it off the counter, or out of my purse, and snap a bunch of pictures of random things (you can tell the general age of the child by the whuckness of the pictures) or go into the basement and film each other dancing around, and then when they're done they slip the camera ever-so-sneakily back into it's original place.

It never seems to occur to them that I eventually see the pictures. Unless Steven is trying to be all artsy and start a portfolio entitled "Through the Eyes of the Child" I'm pretty sure that this is the kids' work.

Even the little one is a sneaky little devil. Every once in a while she'll disappear. Eventually I'll get to wondering where she is. By now I've figured out that when she's "gone" it's usually because she's come into the good fortune of finding Jordan's tablet unattended and has sneaked off with it. She lays on her belly underneath her bed with the tablet, as quiet as can be, and will play games until she is discovered. Sometimes Jordan will come around and ask "Hey, where's my tablet?" I'll tell her to go find Elliot.

Who doesn't have kids who can be overhear whispering loudly to each other in the hallway before they run through the kitchen, sideways, past you, with their hands behind their backs while they stare at you the entire time? Apparently nobody has had the act natural conversation with them yet.

Worst Selfie Ever
The sneakiness drives me nuts(er). I give them heck all the time for it. Because seriously, if they know I'm going to say no if they ask if they can do something, then they also know that they should probably just not do it!

But maybe they could still keep taking some sneaky pictures, because, even if I don't admit it to them, it is kind of fun to find them. 


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