the fox says only two more sleeps until nanowrimo

I know you really appreciate it that I keep reminding you over and over and over again that NaNoWriMo is coming. And it is! In two sleeps! Today I went to the library to pay some more fees (again and again) and renew the books I have out and as I was leaving I thought "Hey, Nanowrimo is in two sleeps! I should get some super-helpful reading material. So I went back in and grabbed these books. That blue one in the front is one I've read before and it's funny and interesting and actually pretty helpful.

Right, so in two days I will start writing a novel. I keep thinking that this year I'll plot and plan a little ahead of time, but no. Whatever. It'll be fun anyway. I do still have two days you know. I actually had a bit of an idea earlier but I can't remember it.

This is why I'll never be famous. The only reason.

Also, Halloween in tomorrow. And Elliot picks her own outfits and pairings. I know, it's not really related right? Wrong! This is what she wore today:

It's her too-small candy corn costume, a pair of pink sweat pants and rubber boots. I really think the rubber boots really pull the outfit together. As I watched her run around the playground in this getup it occurred to me that if I just continued to let her dress in this fashion, nay, encourage her to dress this way, until after graduation a lot of ground would be made in the area of keeping boys away from her.

Look at the kid in the background. She is covering her face in an attempt to not be photographed with the crazies.

Here's Elliot's costume with the hat.

Like a sweet little candy corn witch. We'll see how sweet she is tomorrow night hours past bedtime and jacked up on candy.


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