Hobos. A Verwey family mini van conversation

At 8:10am we pulled up in front of Walmart, because of course I waited until the morning I was to parent help at nursery school to actually purchase the nursery school snack. 

Tennyson says to Mitchell: "hey what if we really WERE hobos and we could jump on trains?"

Me: annoyed, "who told YOU about hobos?"

"Daddy." Thanks Daddy. 

"Yeah, and Woody is a hobo because he jumps from train to train."

Me: "there's more to it than that."

Jordan: "yeah. They have nowhere to live."

We go to Walmart, grab our snack and head to school. I figure maybe the kids shouldn't be spouting off about hobos on the playground. 

Me: "hey, don't talk about hobos at school."

Random kid: "why?"

Me: "well there's a lot more to it than that."

"Like they don't have homes?"

"Yes, and they're not called hobos, that's not a nice word, and it's really sad ... (Insert huge speech about the homeless and how it's sad and how we shouldn't go around playin games that makes fun and and and). But seriously, there's a lot more to being homeless than just hopping on trains ."

"Yeah, like they burn down houses."

"Yeah and they steal. You know, for food."

"Yeah and Danny said they pop out people's eyes."

Me: "hey! They do not, and we know we don't believe anything he says we've been over this!"

And as they hop out of the van: "it wasn't Danny, it was Michelle."

And me, as the door slammed shut - "don't play this at school!"

Can't wait to get this note home. 


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