saturday morning swimming lessons

On Saturday mornings, when we remember to take them, Jordan and Mitchell have swimming lessons. They love the water and it's fun to watch them learn to swim and float around and grin like little crazy people because they're just happy to be there.

It's crazy too, how much they can do that we don't give them credit for. On Mitchell's first day of class the instructor took them to the side of the pool in the deep end and said "Okay, now you guys are going to take turns jumping in and swimming as far as you can so I can see how far you can go."

I'm not even kidding. They weren't even wearing life jackets. I was kind of prepared to jump in the pool and save his little life.

He jumped in, went under and popped back up, and then swam the next ten feet on his own, before she turned him around and helped him swim back to the side. I was a little floored. We've never let him swim anywhere deeper than his waist without a life jacket.

I had no idea he could do it!

Jordan didn't actually want to take swimming lessons this year, and I know it's because she missed completely last year and she knows that many of her friends are in Levels 3, 4 and even 5, and she's only in level 2. I signed her up anyway and she's enjoying it. I figure she can probably do 2, 3 and 4 this winter and be more or less caught up for next summer.

One of the many Verwey family activities this winter!


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