I'll admit it. I am so over them today. Steven and I went into Winnipeg to run an errand today, and we took the kids out of school at noon so they could come with us. They got it in their heads that we were going to go to the spaghetti factory for supper.

We said maybe.

We went to Home Depot. They were a normal amount of naughty.

We went to the bank. We told them that if they'd behave perfectly while we met with our banker that we'd take them for supper. By the time we had been there for 10 minutes they were throwing things in front of  fan, singing into it, and Elliot was screeching with delight. It was loud and we were entirely unimpressed.

We said no supper.

Jordan had a tantrum for the next 30 minutes in the van. We are now at home and our less-than-spaghetti-factory dinner has been eaten and cleaned up. Steven is sitting in the living room and trying to get Jordan through her piano practice. Jordan likes to be intentionally difficult with piano practicing and usually screams at us or cries.

I keep telling her that if she doesn't stop doing this every day we are going to let Tennyson take the rest of her lessons. One of these days I'm going to do it.

The other kids are fighting in the bathtub.

I am leaving here in 36 minutes to go to a movie with my roomie. I'm not lamenting missing out on bedtime.

Little heathens.


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