I caved. The heat is on. I was hoping to wait Christmas, or at least November, but it's sitting between 10 and 15 degrees in here this morning and it's just too much! Besides, the fact that Tennyson solemnly put on his soccer socks because they go up past his knees and are keeping his legs warm is guilting me into perhaps warming up my children.

Mitchell's whining for Cornflakes. Can't he just get his own?

I'm again dressed like a giant toddler, in my sweater and yoga pants.

It's making me feel less like going for a run this morning and more like curling up on the couch and watching daytime TV. I did clean the house yesterday for the book club meeting that was held here last night, so half a day of TV watching would be practically guilt free! Of course there is the question of whether I should perhaps pack up the camper or make the potluck dish that I'm bringing to the big Verwey family barn dance and camp out tomorrow night.

Seriously, can't I just bring 100 blocks of cheese and some buns?

Happy Friday.


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