Hey! I should be thankful for some stuff.

And I am.

I am thankful for my husband. Like for real. Not only does he provide me with pages of blog fodder, that he is a pretty good sport about, but he's pretty awesome in general. He has a great sense of humor, is a good dad, and makes us all feel pretty taken care of. Except for the dishes. But that's okay. Seriously. I'm good with it.

The kids. Even the bad one - even though (s)he just makes me wanna . . .grrrr. My kids are awesome. And they're most definitely the awesomest. And the other day I went to pick up Jordan from school and she was sitting on top of the highest point of the play structure reading a book. I'm not even kidding. She is her mama. Did I ever tell you I used to ride my bike home from school while reading a book? But really. My kids are the best. Kind of makes up for all the times when they're the worst.

My job. I can't write much about it because of confidentiality and respecting people's privacy and such, but there are some great people living in those houses, and I truly enjoy spending time with them. I also appreciate having a job that works around my kids events, and my husband's job and working so well with the life I've already got humming along here.

Um, what else. Cowboy cookies. I'm not even kidding. If I wasn't on a . . . let's not say diet . . . food plan I'd have eaten them all today.

Health. Running. Ability. Long underwear. Definitely long underwear. I am also thankful that nobody thought it odd to see a grown-ass woman running along the path wearing long underwear under her shorts this morning.

You and you and you. You have no idea. There are some awesome people that I talk to every day, or just about every day and it just makes everything better. My friends and family rock. I'm also more than a little thankful that all of you kind of just realize that most of the stupid things I say all day are a weirdo attempt to be funny, and not because I'm actually the meanest person ever!

The Internet (totally copying Candice here). Makes the world smaller, and people closer, and when schedules are just so hectic it's a chance to send pieces of conversation out there to be snatched up when someone gets a moment, even if their moment doesn't jive exactly with yours. But not twitter. Seriously, I signed back up and I just don't get it. Or Pinterest. But the other stuff.

There is more, but it is elusive. 

Hope you're all having an awesome Thanksgiving. Eat some pie. Maybe a turkey. 


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