dining room

Steven's working on my dining room. Not even sure if it's a dining "room." Dining skeleton. Because that's what it is. All I wanted was linoleum.

And then he was all:
  • well the room is sinking. It's slanting. We need to level it.
  • if we are going to do stuff in there we should probably worry about the windows.
  • there's no insulation. It's cold. We should probably insulate. 
  • the paneling is ridiculous. Let's gyp-rock. 
  • I hate smacking my giant head on the light fixtures.
  • and on and on and on.

So my "Hey, let's put new linoleum in the dining room to replace the carpet that somebody thought would actually be a good idea to put under the dining room table" has now become a completely gutted room. It's frightening.

Here's hoping it's done before it snows. Because right now we have no south wall. I kind of like south walls.


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