today's tolerable ten

1. I used a thesaurus to find a T word for mediocre. I was going to do Today's Top Ten, but there's really nothing "toppish" about grocery shopping.

2. I grocery shopped. I figured if the kids could somehow be encouraged to eat the money itself it would save me a lot of time at Walmart and Sobey's each week.

3. Steven told me one day last week that I should either get a haircut or start wearing little hats. The other day he commented on my "helmet hair." Methinks either I need a haircut or he really wants me to start wearing pajamas that look like this:

Hi Tarynn!

4. I bought Elliot new shoes for school. Seems that all of her current running shoes have conspired to fall apart at exactly the same time.

5. I really love mayo. In the "lick the spoon" way, or even enough to just take another small spoonful and eat it. I eat it on sandwiches, burgers, french fries, you name it. It's just too good.

6. I started watching Biggest Loser last night while eating half a giant bag of chips. The first half of the season I feel all justified in munching through the cupboards while watching (like seriously, when they show the clips of them stuffing their faces it just makes me want nachos and cheese). The second half of the season kind of turns dark and nasty as the contestants slowly get skinnier than me. I know right? How rude is that!

7. The other day at school someone was so annoyed at the parking/driving situation in the loop that she drove over the boulevard in the middle of said loop. It was kind of awesome. This morning a woman stopped in the driving lane at the point closest to the school to let her kid out. Her kid then struggled into her jacket and I'm assuming backpack. I inched closer and closer to her bumper until she finally pulled into a parking spot. Seriously people, the loop is not a place to do homework.

8. I like the ten things blog posts. Not because they're really any good, but because anyone can come up with ten random things that, while they might not qualify as posts on their own, make it look like you've actually blogged.

9. I'm still stuffed from Thanksgiving and its leftovers. Get it? Stuffed?

10. I did something to my back this morning. It hurt. As the morning has progressed the one weird little spot with that weird little pain has turned into this awesome pull and twinge of muscles that has crept further and further to cover the entirety of my lower back. It's times like this that I'm glad I don't have to load a baby into a car seat and carry a 20 pound diaper bag to the car and the chiropractor with toddlers in tow. I'm sure my now older kids will behave beautifully at the chiropractor at 4 o'clock this afternoon.

Hope this day finds you all well!


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