so much blood!

To think I almost forgot to blog! Darn eh?

Not much new today. I spent pretty much all of this afternoon doing laundry. I was going to say "Bloody Laundry," kind of like the way I'd say "stupid laundry" but I figured that people would interpret that as blood-soaked laundry and possibly call the police and then they'd come and I'd get taken away and have to sit in a holding cell all by myself for days . . . .

Wait a sec, definitely bloody laundry.

Seriously though. These kids wear so many clothes!

My mom used to say cotton pickin.' All the time. It was actually kind of funny. But we didn't laugh. Because cotton pickin' was serious.

Tonight I work. I kind of feel like maybe I should plan some sort of supper for my family before walking out the door at 5:15 but people are talking to me online and that's way funner than cooking. It's really your fault. You and you and you know who you are.

Happy Thursday people.


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