today's top ten, again

1. We'll see if I can come up with ten.

2. I hear it's snowing in places near here. I don't like it. I'm really missing camping already. :(

3. It's Friday! I told the kids yesterday that if they cleaned up their rooms, the living room and the basement and it was still clean tonight after supper that we'd have a movie night. They did, and we will! I've got Epic, and tons of popcorn kernels just waiting to be popped.

4. Whoever thought Colonel was a good spelling. Ridiculous. Must have been an American trying to be decidedly non-British. Jeez.

5. I'm totally kidding about that last one. Pretty sure Colonels were around long before Americans.

6. My dog is cuter than your dog.

7. I should probably phone and RSVP for a birthday party we were invited to. Tomorrow night.

8. Come on, come on, two more...

9. We are having leftover Turkey Pot Pie for supper today. Steven had leftover Turkey Soup for lunch. See how I capitalized those? They're total institutions.

10. One of the articles on the NaNoWriMo website says I can start novel planning and outlining, and it's not cheating!! I know! Who wouldn't be excited!

Happy Friday Peeps!


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