post-thanksgiving recovery

Last night we had some super-fun friends over for Thanksgiving. It was fun. It was also very loud. I'd like to pretend that the noise is brought by other peoples' kids, but come on. Have you met the little devils that live here? Anyway, fun was had by hall, and the kids had a blast running around and being crazy and eating cookies and voting on their favorite pumpkin pie. I must say, considering that kids will just vote for their own parent's pie, we have a definite advantage. I'd also like to confess that the real winners were the people who didn't have to actually make the pie, but instead were forced to endure the eating and judging process.

Today is Thanksgiving Coma day. I was actually going to take the kids to school and run this morning at 9am, but the more I progressed through my morning, the more I really just wanted to crawl into my yoga pants and 9 year old sweater and curl up under a blanket and watch the tv shows that only I enjoy all by myself. So I did. I made a pot of tea, set up the TV and computer and have been camped out here for the last two hours:

No that is not my Teddy Bear.


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