My friend Sherri and I have challenged ourselves to run 100 miles in October. Okay, well I challenged her and she's a good sport and now she heckles me and tries to discourage me from running all because she wants to win. What kind of good sportsmanship is that?

Pretty crummy Sherri, pretty crummy.

For instance, this is the text I received from her the other night during my run!

Anyway, having the accountability is nice.

You know what's not so nice? Being so busy that I have to squash 25 miles into three or four runs.This week I work two night shifts and I have two boot camp classes that run from 5:30-6:30am, so that's four mornings right there that I can't go. I also somehow accidentally volunteered to help chaperone Mitchell's class on their swim trip, I have a morning doctor appointment (don't even get me started on that - I called to make an appt a couple of weeks ago, and my doctor left! and nobody told me!)(this could really be multiple posts. whatev), and we had to spend half a day in Winnipeg.

I kind of like being busy, and I kind of hate being busy. I know this will come as no surprise to most of you, but I'm actually pretty lazy. I know. It had to be said.

Whatever. I ran 8.3 miles this morning (take that Knott!), from about 5:20-6:50. It was actually a ridiculously beautiful October morning for it. It was dark, but there was no wind, it was about 7 degrees (and no, it's not cold once you get going) and there are very few people out at that time who aren't also running. It's quiet.

Except for the geese. I once said something on facebook about punting geese into the lake and I think there were a few people who were a little sad for my mortal soul. But have you been on the lake lately? I'm not sure which is more annoying; the geese in the spring who hiss and chase you because they're "defending" their babies, or the geese in the fall when it starts to cool off outside and they get restless. They are all out on the water and they honk their idiot asses off. I know they're supposed to be a national monument or something stupid, but they could go and do it on the KokoPlatz side of the "lake."

The only other complaint I have is that the island is just so so dark. It's a little unnerving. I was pretty convinced that I had heard someone clanging around on the play structure on my first loop and that the second time I ran around I was going to be dragged off into the bushes and bludgeoned, but in the name of getting in the miles I did the second lap anyway. Then I thought I heard someone in the deer pen (and you know it couldn't just be deer). At that point you carry on running along in the dark while imagining the worst possible things happening. Way too much 3am CSI these days.

And seriously, who watches that crap willingly? It always baffles me how terrible other people are at choosing shows to follow.

I still enjoy earlier runs way more than later-in-the-day runs. Try it. Once you get used to it you'll like it. Also, get off the treadmill. I longed for a treadmill for years. I was jealous of people who owned them. Now I have one and I totally hate it! The only reason I don't just hang towels on it is because for years, Steven said "What do you want a treadmill for? To hang towels on it like everyone else?" To which I replied "Uh, NO - so I can run, obviously." Duh. So yeah, I have to dust it off every once in a while and suffer through a run on there to justify the giant chunk of floor it takes up downstairs. TM = bad. Outside = good.

The track is better than the treadmill (but not quite as good as outside). Even though old people watch you and when they ask things like "How long have you been doing this" I don't know whether to respond "Since 9am" or "On and off for the last few years." And younger people who come to watch their kids play hockey stand on the track and look inconvenienced when you run around them. Give it a go.

Right. So for the remainder of this week I have a doctor's appointment, an afternoon play date for Elliot and Mitchell, a mom's night, an evening shift, an overnight shift, and an 8, 6 and 3 mile run. And somewhere in there I have to clean my house and sort of start getting ready for Thanksgiving. Oh, and we might go back into Winnipeg on Saturday for a door. I'm not evening kidding.

That about wraps up tonight's edition of "Stuff Tiffany Blogs About that People May or May Not Skim Over." But before I go, I'd like to leave you (meaning Sherri) with this:



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