It's Blogtober 1st! The day we anxiously await for all year long! Actually, that day would be the first day of May Long Weekend, or maybe even Riel Day, but next to that, and the first day of NaNoWriMi, Blogtober 1st is the best day ever!

I'm going to be honest. I was the world's worst student. Whatever your complaints about your kids and their homework and their meeting deadlines, I can pretty much guarantee that I was worse. And handily enough, I came from a home where passing your grade was good enough. My parents never checked my homework, or asked about why I didn't have any, or suggested studying for tests, or went to parent teacher day unless the teacher specifically requested them (that wasn't ever good, someone always had to go to my brother's).

The truth is that I just didn't feel like it. Ever. I wasn't even really worried about fall-out. I don't really remember getting homework in the lower grades, and in Junior High (I'm going to say grades 6,7,8) I believe it all began when a friend of mine announced to me in the hallway that she wasn't taking her math home, and threw her textbook back into her locker. I was stunned - could we just do that? That was pretty much the end of me ever doing homework. Ever. I just didn't take it home. To be honest, I think I usually just did most of the work in class, but if ever I didn't I just handed it in the next morning after quickly finishing it during attendance or with the last few questions unfinished. If I got 7 out of 10 on something - oh well.

High school wasn't much better. I didn't do homework, didn't study, didn't read the assigned chunks of textbook (although I was a pretty quick reader and could usually skim over the sections at the beginning of class). I started all my essays around 10 o'clock the night before they were due, even though I had to pretty much skim entire novels for the good quotes.

I was a fast typer. Ask the typing teacher. We had contests. He lost.

I remember the one year a friend of mine asked me to come over and help her study for the Math exam the next day. I said sure (I was pretty good at math). We made it through the first unit, decided we were bored, and then made some snacks and watched TV.

I probably should have made up some better study habits in University. But no. Again, essays the night before, or sometimes two days after they were due. Assignments whipped up in the morning before they had to be handed in, or on the bus on the way over.

And you know, I've always known it was stupid. I could have had awesome marks, being that they were actually pretty good despite the crappy effort.

I bet you want to know how this all pertains to Blogtober?

I knew it.

I'll admit it. I actually kind of suck at Blogtober. I bully everyone I know into committing and then I'm most likely one of the worst Blogtoberers. Last year I wrote half of the posts way later, and then just back dated them. Or I wrote them in the morning and quickly posted them as being written at 11:59pm the night before so the dates would jive.

I know. You had no idea. I am very sneaky.

Anyway, this year I'm going to Blogtober my ass off. It's 7:09pm (really, it is), and depending on how much rambling I continue to do, this post will be up hours before midnight.

Also on the topic of Tiffany's homework, done or otherwise, I seem to have given myself a lot this month. Aside from almost daily blogging, I've also committed to running 100 miles this month, and there's a book I have to read (started it today, book clubbing it on Thursday), and then another one for November 1st.

Actually, this week alone I have to parent help at nursery school, go with Jordan's class to the swimming pool, read a book, clean my house (I'm hosting this week's meeting), making some sort of dessert, work a shift, volunteer at Brownies, make a potluck thing for Saturday, and pack up the camper - also for Saturday. I can't do this on Saturday morning (which I usually do) because two of my kids have swimming lessons.

Time for better time management.

Today I spent the afternoon reading on the couch, because that's my Thursday homework. Not because I'm in any way avoiding any of the other stuff.

Happy Blogtober everyone!


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