It's like I'm not even really 29 anymore

Tonight at work I made a movie reference and my coworker had never heard of the movie. Was it some weird obscure movie that nobody had ever heard of? 


It was GHOST. With Patrick and Demi. 

My coworker is a grown up. A fellow woman who should know about Ghost. We are the same! Right! Right?

I took a deep breath. "How old are you?" I asked. 

"Twenty," she said. Gasp. She is twenty. A grown woman. She's getting married next month. 

And I am referencing a very popular movie that she is too young to remember. 

I guess ... I suppose ... It's almost like I have to sort of accept that ...

I just can't do it!!

Now I know how old people feel!


Candice said…
Where are you working? Did I miss an informative blog post about said job?
Tiffany said…
You did!!

I'm working for New Directions as a support worker for adults with special needs who live in homes in the community!

And apparently I am not one of the young ones. Don't know when that happened!
Anonymous said…
Bwa hahahahahahaha
Tiffany said…
Not cool Anonymous, not cool.

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