Yesterday as we were leaving the pet store, the kids asked if they could have some licorice. I said sure. I gave them each a piece. I was about to give Elliot the last one when Steven said:

"Wait, is that the last one? None for me?"

"You can have half of this one" I replied, tearing it in two. I handed it to him. He took a bite before I said: "I ripped it apart with the hands I used to play with the gecko."

With a pukey face: "Ugh. Didn't you use that sanitizer on the wall?"

"I meant to, but I forgot."

"Ugh" gag, more pukey face. Continues eating. "I don't know if I can keep eating this." More bites, more yucky face.

"And I sat on the floor. I must have touched it with my hands as I got up and down. And I petted a bird. I might have monkeyed around in the hamster cage. There was also that guinea pig, but he ran and hid right away so I didn't touch him much. The bunnies were cute and fuzzy."

More gaggy faces. More bites. "I think I can't eat more."

"Just kidding, I totally used the stuff." I lied. I really didn't use the sanitizer. Whatever.


Stephanie said…
You are bad! so funny...but bad : )

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