the baby just sucked on my toe. ew.

Today I planned on reading far fewer blogs than I did.

I forgive myself. Because not forgiving people only hurts you in the end.

I did manage to clean all three bathrooms, make stew, vacuum, do dishes and sweep ridiculous amounts of toast and cheerios off the dining room floor. My stew is beginning to smell fantastic, by the way.

I wish I had something more profound to write about. There is just not a whole lot of profoundness sometimes. What's new here? Well last night I was sleeping by 10. That's about it. I'm still tired today. I have no idea how to shake this tiredness. I think I may have to hire someone to come every day between 1 and 3 so I can nap. I never understand why kids are so crabby about their afternoon nap.

Imagine your day going like this:
  1. Get up in the morning. Run around and play until someone lets you know that it's breakfast time. That same someone places your meal in front of you, your bananas carefully cut into pieces in your cereal, or you have toast with jam spread on it. You feel thirsty, a cup of milk is poured for you.
  2. After breakfast you accompany your care giver into your room where she helps you choose an outfit for the day. You toss your pjs into the laundry basket where it'll magically take care of itself and later find itself clean, folded and placed back into your drawer.
  3. You spend two hours at nursery school playing and being served snack.
  4. Back at home you are served lunch. Someone lovingly makes you a sandwich, cuts you a few pieces of cheese, cores and slices your apple and pours you some more milk. When you're finished your hands and face are carefully cleaned.
  5. That same person accompanies you to the washroom for a pee and then hugs, kisses and tucks you in to bed so that you can have a couple of hours to nap and rest until it's time for more playing and food.
I know. It sounds horrible. I don't know how they stand it.


Candice said…
Ummmm... Isn't this, like, over a day old???

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