pet names

Over the years Steven and I have used various pet names with the kids. They've never stuck to the point where others have used them, but we do! Probably more me than Steven. I think Steven calls them all baby from time to time, but it's starting to be limited more to Elliot.

Jordan: Beautiful Monster (Steven, as a baby), Joe, Josephine, Princess Patricia

Tennyson: Monkey Man, Yeti, Sonny Boy, Tenn, Tenny (that would be Steven's. I don't like it.)

Mitchell: Punkin Pie, Mitchie Bear (after he was born we said this so much that even the older two kids called him that), Mitchie Boo, Mitch, Punkin Pie

Elliot: Petunia, Menace, Ellie, El, Babykins, Fatty Pants (she loves that one I'm sure), Pork Chop, Baby Pie

Overall: Minions (a lot), Entourage, Stinker, Stinker Pants. Then there's stuff like Honey, Honey Bunny, Sweetie, etc.

It's funny how we spend months thinking up the perfect names, only to distort and change them after the babies come.


Naomi said…
yeah, I rarely call my children by their real names. I don't know why? I'm sure the little one doesn't even know his name lol

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