hockey? oh no, not that again

I went to Grey's Night at a friend's house tonight. Everything was fine until I realized that nobody was going to push play on the PVR until the hockey game was over.

I'm not even Catholic, but I have now endured and survived purgatory.

I am so glad that Steven isn't into sports. I don't have to suffer through hours of football or hockey. I don't lose my husband during the playoffs, or the Stanley Bowl or football players rubbing each other's bums while they wait to get their hands all over the ball.

We watch TV shows about zombies and grumpy doctors. I sit through the occasional super hero movie. All is well.

I kid though - if you want to watch five minutes of hockey I'll humor you. If you want to invite me over for the Stanley Cup playoffs I may come for the snacks. I'll likely bring my laptop and possibly be (more than) somewhat disruptive. I might secretly video tape you hopping around and swearing, and dump it onto youtube before the game ends.

Hey, what are friends for?


Ange said…
The stanley bowl???

That's a new one!


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