van conversations

Tennyson: When I'm six how old will Jordan be?
Me: Eight.
Tennyson: When I'm seven how old will Jordan be?
Me: Nine.
Tennyson: When I'm ten how old will Jordan be?
Me: Tennyson, Jordan is two years older than you. You can take any age and add two and that's how old Jordan will be. So when you're ten how old do you think Jordan will be?
Tennyson: (thinks for a second) Twelve!
Me: Right. You can always just add two. Even when you're a grownup you can add two.
Jordan: So Tennyson will never pass me?

I've told them before that when they're grownups Tennyson will be taller than her. This has her a little confused I think.

Me: Nope. He may be taller, but you'll always be older. When Tennyson is 30 you'll be 32 and Mitchie will be 29. You'll always be the oldest.
Tennyson: What happens when kids don't have a dad?
Me: I don't know any kids who don't have a dad, do you?
Tennyson: No, but when I'm a dad I can be their dad if they don't have one.

When Tennyson says "When I'm a dad" he means "When I'm a grownup." Unless he says he'll be someone's dad - in that case he really means he'll look after them.

Me: That's really nice Tennyson, but when you're all grown up you'll probably have your own kids too.
Tennyson: You mean they'll come out of my tummy?
Jordan: (I'm sure she rolled her eyes first) No, you'll get married and the girl will have the baby. Not you. You're a boy.
Me: Yes Tennyson, when you're all grown up you might find a girl that you really really like and then you'll realize you love her and you two might decide to get married and then someday she'll have a baby in her tummy and that will be your baby too and you'll be the baby's dad.
Tennyson: What if we have another baby?
Me: Well then you'll have two babies.
Tennyson: No, what if we have another baby?
Me: You mean our family? Me?
Tennyson: Yeah!
Me: We won't Tennyson, my tummy is all done making babies.
Tennyson: Well what if we do?
Me: We won't.
Tennyson: But what if we do?
Me: We won't.
Tennyson: But what if we do?
Me: We won't. (getting mildly annoyed)
Tennyson: (thinking his mother is being mildly belligerent) But what if we do and it's a girl baby and we don't know what to name it? What are you going to name it?
Me: Tennyson. If we have another baby, you can name it.
Tennyson: Yay! Okay Mommy. I'll make sure to pick something you like.

He's so funny sometimes.


Jen said…
It's nice that he considered your feelings in the matter. At least you'll like what ever he picks. Ha!
Q&L said…
oh man, will I laugh the day something CRAaaaZY happens and Mama Verwey is prego again, I wonder what Tennyson's name will be, hahahaha

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