The thing about Blogtober is that being forced to write everyday ends up meaning that the topics aren't maybe as interesting as they are in posts tossed up here when something more interesting happens.

I'm slacking today. On my to-do list for today (the "musts" - the list isn't really this short) are the following tasks:
  • sweep and mop linoleums
  • vacuum
  • put away laundry, maybe wash a load or two more
I haven't done any of this. Jordan keeps complaining (she's such a princess) that she has no pants, or is it Mitchell? It could be both.

Confession: I had to get Mitchie's pants from the dirty laundry basket this morning.

I came home from diaper gym with the intention of quickly vacuuming before getting lunch ready. Then I think I ended up on the computer and then it was suddenly lunch time, and every mom knows that pushing back lunch twenty minutes also means pushing back nap by twenty minutes. That's not about to happen - especially now that I have to wake Mitchie and Ellie up at 3 o'clock if they're not already awake so we can all go and pick up Jordan from school.

What have I done today? Well, I have not cleared and wiped the table, or put away the sandwich supplies or wiped the counter. I also have not vacuumed. I did clear the floor in my bedroom with the intent to vacuum. Clear the floor means put dirty clothes in the laundry (let's blame Steven for this) and pile all the baskets of clean laundry on the bed. Surprise, surprise, I found two half full baskets of the girls' laundry, and not one pair of clean pants for little Mitchell. Luckily the boy doesn't dribble in his pants, so his dirty pants aren't really that dirty. Unfortunately he looked a little mental today in his plaid pants (that somehow look like pj pants, even though they aren't) and his striped long-sleeved shirt and his unbrushed hair. Happily, his radiant little toothy smile helps to draw attention to his little face and away from his clown costume.

Where was I? Right, not doing my chores. I actually did scoop the dirty laundry pile in my closet into a basket after dumping the basket full of clean clothes onto the bed. I went downstairs and threw the laundry into the wash. On a hunch I checked the dryer. More clothes. Fantastic. I can't wait for the laundry fairy to come and fix some of this for me. Oh wait, I might just be the laundry fairy.

Aren't fairies supposed to be thinner? More petite? Guess not. I'm a new age laundry fairy.

Of course now I can't vacuum because the kids are sleeping. And I can't mop the floors because . . . hey! What's that over there?

Dishes? Um, I'm blaming Blogtober. I have certain internet obligations that must be fulfilled. I also have paper plates and plastic forks and knives for supper. I kid. We haven't actually dirtied any plates today.


Thankfully a friend just called and we chatted for a few minutes. Since I can't type blog posts while talking on the phone without becoming suspiciously quiet, I did the dishes and cleaned the counter, table and high chair instead. Not too shabby. That's how we women multitask. We, not wee.

Would you like to know what Steven considers multitasking? Brushing his teeth with one hand and grabbing my bum with the other. Imagine my joy.


Ange said…
You are so funny!

I too have retrieved pants from the dirty laundry basket before. It happens.
Sonya said…
Sounds a lot like my house today. How does everything get so dirty anyway? Today: doing laundry, shovelling a week's worth of food out from under the table, finding the kitchen counter and making supper. I have a headache and I'm tired. Does that sound like whining? Oh good, because I was. ;)
Tiffany said…
I hear you! You should see the heaps of food under my high chair. One of the joys of a carpeted dining area is that I can't just sweep it, and I'm way too lazy to get out the vacuum everyday!

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