second last day of blogtober

My Blogtober has been slightly less than successful. Not that I didn't get some posts up here, but it certainly wasn't every day! It's now a few minutes after midnight, but in the interest of getting something up today I'm going to pretend it's still Sunday.

Tonight I met up with some blogger friends in Winnipeg. We ate, we visited, we played a game, and we did a lot of laughing. Did I mention it's now after midnight? It's all pumpkins and rags now.

A fun evening was had by all. It was nice to do some catching up - and it was nice to see you again Candice! I know that you have lots of friends and family to visit before you head back over to Montreal and it's pretty awesome that you manage to fit us in. :)

Kids? My kids are pretty great. A little extra "spunky" some days, but pretty awesome overall. I'd go into details, but it's after midnight and I'm just impressed at how few spelling mistakes I'm backspacing right now.

Tomorrow Jordan has a Halloween party (more on Halloween tomorrow). She will be a monarch butterfly. Tomorrow night brings Halloween. It's the first one Elliot will be able to partake in. I won't let her eat much of her loot, in fact I won't likely let her collect at most of the houses, but she can come along and see all the excitement on our little street.

Jordan and Tennyson are pretty psyched about Halloween. They've opted out of swimming lessons tomorrow night in favor of trick or treating. Mitchell's excited, but a little annoyed that Tennyson's costume is cooler than his. Unfortunately, he might be right. The poor kid has begun to notice that big brother gets all the new stuff and he gets hand-me-downs. I didn't think he'd feel this as much as he seems to be lately.

More on all of that tomorrow.

Good night!


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