keep it real, zombie makers, keep it real!

We've been watching the Walking Dead series. It's about Zombies. You know there are slim pickins on TV when we start watching series about Zombies.

I dreamed about zombies last night. Actually, I dreamed that it was my friend Angela's birthday so we had to go out and party even though I knew it wasn't safe. Didn't want to hurt her feelings. I figure it's pretty nervy of her to expect us to get a sitter and be separated from our kids so that we could stay late at her house and then brave the zombies on the way home.

Anyway, my question is this: do you really, really think that there would be cities overrun with zombies? Not to look for loopholes in an obviously sound premise, but apparently the only way to turn into a zombie is to be bitten by zombies. Um - do you see how those zombies bite? They don't walk by and playfully nip at your ear. They leap at you and while you're still alive they begin tearing chunks off you. Then all their zombie friends catch wind of what's going on and it turns into a feeding frenzy. Apparently they are really partial to innards - that seems to be the money shot on the show anyway.

So how, pray tell, are there really these massive hordes of zombies? Sure there are a few with some interesting injuries, but for the most part they aren't walking around dragging entrails and missing entire limbs.

Vampires are so much more realistic. Either the vampire bites and drains you, in which case you generally die and stay dead (thanks for that, by the way), or they leave you with a bit of your own blood and you make the change. Vampires seem to be able to decide upon an option when they bite.

Zombies? They gorge on you. All that's left is a puddle of some pretty sloppy ground chuck on the pavement when they're done.

So where did all the mostly whole zombies come from?


Ange said…
Nice visual!

I promise I will not expect you to come over for my birthday if the city is suddenly overrun with zombies. Promise.
Candice said…
Nice way to poke holes in a totally believable story Tiffany! Way to ruin in for the rest of us...
Tiffany said…
My sincere apologies. I hope you can still find joy in any zombie movie your husband smuggles through the front door!

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