halloween 2011

Today was Halloween. Ten random things:
  1. Mitchell was a pirate, not a kangaroo. More on that later.
  2. Kids can have a fantastic day, full of candy, Halloween parties, costumes of choice, school fun, trick or treating, grandparents, aunties, cousins and gorgeous outdoor evening weather, and still find something to cry themselves to sleep over.
  3. Tennyson was a pirate. Scarily, it really suited him.
  4. Jordan was a butterfly, if a little less than obviously so.
  5. Elliot was a little purple dragon. That same little purple dragon has now been sighted on Halloween nights for six years - the last four of them on this very block.
  6. I ate far less Halloween candy this year than any other Halloween I can think of - ever.
  7. I bought far more Halloween candy this year than any other Halloween with the intentions of actually not running out before the trick-or-treaters did. Unfortunately we had far fewer kids this year and now I have extra candy. I didn't count on that. The last few kids left the doorstep with handfuls of candy.
  8. The eyeball gumballs really do taste as I imagine eyeballs do. Thanks to my super duper Evil Stepmother-in-Law for giving me that very pleasant and accurate comparison.
  9. There were toddlers with their teenaged mothers still cruising up and down my street long after my kids were tucked into their beds.
  10. If I grossly underestimate the amount of chili I need to make, my wonderful guests will pretend they're only a little hungry and I'll still end up with leftovers. Note to self: need to re-invite the same guests back for dinner again soon and make a spectacular dinner to save face.
  11. Of all the kids on the street begging candy from strangers tonight, mine were definitely the cutest.
  12. I know that was 11. Now 12. I'm okay with that.

Happy Halloween!

ps: the little guy in the Mickey Mouse costume on
the right is Riley, my little nephew. Ain't he cute?


Ange said…
Awww.... they are all so cute!!!

It took me a minute, I counted 5 kids and was like, wait she doesn't have 5! Although he could fit in with yours quite easily, all that blondness!!!

They are so adorable!!!

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