Blogtober, Day 1

I'm baking cookies. I'm actually not a fan of baking cookies - I think that in my "motherhood fantasy" I see myself happily baking cookies in a funky retro apron with my kids beside me, smiling away and helping, evidenced by their lightly floured noses. In reality I'd rather just go and buy Golden Oreos from Walmart. When I do bake I wait until the kids are occupied and then quickly throw everything together and get it baking so that I can just do it myself and get it over with. I suppose every once in a while I let them dump in a few ingredients.

When I was a kid my mom would sometimes bake. Not very often though, unless you count rice krispie cake. When she did, she'd make monster cookies, cowboy cookies, banana muffins or bran muffins. Sometimes she'd throw together a puffed wheat cake, but I never liked that.

My favorite cookies today are still the ones my mom made, and I use the recipes she uses. Monster cookies are baking in the oven as we speak.

I never promised that Blogtober would be profound - it'll just be what it is, and today it's cookies.

I've had a busy week. On Monday I went to a Home & School meeting. I think I've rethought this whole Home & School thing. I know it would be good to be involved, but I don't know that I have the energy to help with this right now.

On Tuesday I went over to Angela's for her 30th birthday - Happy Birthday Angela! I

On Wednesday we entertained here. Dad & Doris and Deanne & Travis came over for spaghetti. It's nice to catch up. It seems like people are so busy so often (trust me, it sure feels like I am) and I like to slow things down and share a meal.

On Thursday we had Grey's night at Steph's. I think it was probably more Food Night with a little side of Grey's.

Last night I went to Boston Pizza with another group of women for dinner. I highly recommend the crispy chicken wrap.

Tonight? Well, tonight I have plans again - this time with Steven. Don't tell him this, but I kind of miss him when I'm so busy.

Did I mention that my husband is being honored with an award for his grades during his first stretch of schooling? In a couple of weeks we'll be in Winnipeg at an awards dinner and evening, and Steven will receive his award then. I'm pretty proud of him. I keep telling him that actually, and in a bit of a sappy voice - he blushes every time. I think he's a little shy with direct compliments.


Sonya said…
Woot woot! Way to go Steven!
And I'm with you on the golden oreos. I REALLY like cookie dough but the cookies after they're baked? Meh.
Looking forward to "hearing" more from you. No profoundness needed. :)
Ange said…
Thanks Tif!

Way to go Steven! So proud of you!

I love monster cookies, when you make then, not when I make them.
Jen said…
Blushing is adorable. Especially when a man does it.

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