Hey, Steven left the remote control over here on my couch! Excellent. He's watching American Dad right now, and I hate that show. I'm almost embarrassed when I watch it. It's one of those shows Steven likes and I hate.

Tomorrow House starts - that one I like.

I wonder how annoyed he'd be if I changed the channel on him.

I took the kids biking today. I think they scared the daylights out of a woman along the way. She was standing on the sidewalk and talking to a friend. My kids went buzzing past her toward a busy intersection. In her defense, it scares me too. I find myself hollering at them a lot to stop when they near the intersections. Today though, I didn't. They stopped on their own at each and every intersection and waited for me and Mitchell to catch up and to get the all-clear from me before carrying on. It's awesome. The poor lady was yelling "No, no no!" at them and started after them before she realized that they had stopped on their own. It took us a while to get here - all the nagging has apparently paid off.

Steven thinks he needs his own computer. Apparently he doesn't think we should have to share. It actually would be kind of nice.

Great, now he's coming over here to read over my shoulder. I think he just does that because he knows I hate it. Nothing makes a bad blog post worse than writing it while someone is reading it.

Now he's staring at me all weirdly. I'm outta here.


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