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November - National Novel Writing Month.

I've tried the past few years to write a novel. Each time I've failed and died a little inside.

It's hard!

I've been planning my novel. I have scenes in my head. SCENES! This is the year baby. If I actually do it and . . . wait, WHEN I actually do it and get it done I'm going to treat myself to some overpriced NaNoWriMo goods. Did you know that they make a coffee mug?

That's how I roll. Write a novel in a month so that I can justify the purchase of a coffee mug, because it's not like I can just save myself the grief and go to Dollarama for one.

Besides, Dollarama's mugs don't have the nifty NaNoWriMo logos on them.


You'll be saddened to hear that I just checked the site. They no longer have the NaNoWriMo mugs. Instead, they have either a Script Frenzy mug (it's an entirely different writing project) or the NaNoWriMo ceramic coffee mug. I may have to settle for that.

Now I'm thrown. My entire reason for writing a novel is shaky.


Christina said…
novel in a month? definitely a dream of mine to write a novel but it would likely take me years!! :)

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