Yesterday Steven, the kids and I went to Winnipeg for winter coats and skates for various kids. While we were there we stopped at Staples on Pembina. I can’t stop there without wandering through Petland after.

I asked one of the workers a few questions about the geckos. I’ve always thought it would be really really cool to have one someday, but have never looked into it seriously.

I’m hooked. I want one. I held it, the older two kids held it, it climbed around on our hands and jumped from my forearm to my shoulder. It was all cute with it’s sticky little feet and it’s round little toes.

I went on Kijiji last night, and people apparently breed them in their homes. They sell for anywhere between $25 and $50. The one at the store had been on sale for $177.

Even more hooked. Now I just have to get Steven on board so that when I bring one home he’s not entirely annoyed.

Besides, how could he say no to this little face?

Actually, I really like the Dalmatian Crested Geckos:

Stay tuned.


Hes said…
That's so gross!!! What do you do with it? Yuck!!!
Tiffany said…
You hold it. Let it stick to the window and climb on your face. What could be better??!
Candice said…
That's awesome! My brother in law is a snake breeder and used to sell bearded dragons as well. That stuff is pretty neat. Way to get exotic Tiffany!
Q&L said…
i coulda grabbed one of the wall for you in Cambodia :) I think those were geckos...
Tiffany said…
That would have been awesome! Although, I think they frown on transporting wild animals between countries. :)

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