spring break

This week was our first ever spring break! Jordan (my oldest) is in kindergarten this year and she had this entire week off. Of course, in spring break tradition I planned some activities with the kids, some friends, and my mom.

On Wednesday Mom and I took the kids to Playtime in Brandon. It was fun! It's basically a big indoor play structure with a bunch of different tunnels and slides, as well as a big bouncy castle and a few arcade games, air hockey and ping pong. The kids had a blast. Of course there was a constant need for "just one more quarter" for just a little more candy, or just one more chance to win a stuffed animal with the claw. From there we took them to MacD's for supper so they could play in the playplace there and eat loads of unhealthy food. A good time was had by all.

On Thursday my friend Lorelie and her three cutie pie kids came out from Dugald and spent the day with us. We don't all get together very often, but when we do the kids are thrilled. Between the two of us we were seriously outnumbered:

On Friday Steven and I took the kids into Winnipeg. He has just finished his level 1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic course and needed to go in and meet with his instructor and get his final marks. Turns out he ended up with the highest overall average in his class. Go Steven! He gave me and the kids a tour of his area of Red River College. The kids were pretty excited to see "Daddy's school." Then we went to MacD's (nothing like mixing it up) and met Andrew and Lorelie for lunch and some more play and then headed over to Home Depot to browse and visit just a little more with our friends. Then we said our goodbyes and took the kids for a round of bowling and then supper at the Spaghetti Factory (yay gift certificate!). We toured around some of the stores at the forks while we waited for our table to be ready. We love the Spaghetti Factory, and it's worth the wait. The kids like it too, we've had them there before. I think the bread is their favorite.

Today we stayed close to home. The kids played in the ever-growing puddles in the yard and sandbox and I tidied, did some laundry and I may have had a nap. Glorious.

Next week is going to seem so unfun compared to this one.


Naomi said…
I can't believe you were actually in Brandon and you didn't even tell me! You never come to Brandon. You are a stinker. (you know I'm not really mad, I know you were spending the day with your mom)
Q&L said…
awww, sounds like a good week :)
Ange said…
Sounds like a great week, lots of fun things to do, awesome! Way to go Steven!

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