Once upon a time, a friend of mine said "Hey, you're probably the coolest person I know in the whole wide world, and I can't get enough of you. You should blog about all the fantastical details of your extraordinary life so that I can follow you through the ins and outs of your minutes, days, weeks, months and uber fascinating years of your existence."

That Lyla, such a flatterer. I said no.

Seriously, I'm sure that not everyone finds me that central to their thoughts.

Then one day, I thought okay, playing solitaire on my computer is getting old, surely there must be something else to do on the interweb. I started a blog.

The thing with the popular Internet stuff is that I'm always the last to sign up. Friends used to invite me to join Facepage. Facepage? What's that? Sounds dumb. I wouldn't be the least bit wooed by something with such a dumb name.

I now hit refresh on Facebook throughout the day, even though the page automatically refreshes itself. Because, you just never know. It may forget something.

Blogging is fun. I started so that I could read stuff that my friends were up to. It's helped me reconnect with friends that I was closer with in high school before we all grew up and got busy. Really cool friends who I should have tried harder to stay more connected with all along. You know who you are. ;)

Then one day my friend Sonya said "Hey, you should check out whatshername's blog." And I thought, Um, okay creepy stalker girl. I don't think that's very good interquette. But okay. Because seriously, people don't go on the worldwideweb to stalk others, do they? How uncouth would that be? Nobody ever accused me of being couth, so I leaped over to the new blog and checked her out. She was a mom, with some little crazy kids, and she was interesting - even though I didn't actually know her. Go figure! Then I read her comments, and I linked over to the blogs of people who had interesting comments and started stalking them too. Eventually I left comments of my own and actually email back and forth with people all over the world. Okay, maybe just a couple of cool women in the states. I figure that since I don't actually live in the USofA they're technically foreign and I'm now very worldly. I have also discovered that I can tolerate funny spellings of things. Like favorite and color. If you have an American/Canadian dictionary, you can look up the Canadian translations for those worlds easily. Let's not let these language barriers deter friendships.

Now? I use google reader daily and follow 40 blogs. I follow mommy blogs, working women blogs, lesbian blogs, man blogs, Christian blogs, weight loss blogs, blogs, blogs, blogs. It's fun, it's entertaining, it helps me accidentally continue to not mop my floors.

Did you know that Amy Miller signed up as a follower on Stephanie's blog, but not on mine? I didn't notice either. I'm not petty like that. Amy.

It's okay, I know where she lives.

I probably know where you live too, unless you're a lurker, then lurk away. My mom calls it creeping, I tell her that she's too old to be any sort of authority on the proper slang for these kinds of situations. She only discovered the Internet two weeks from now.

Love you mom.

Actually, I think she's the only person I know who doesn't read this. Every once in a while she asks "How do I get to your blog again?" I tell her to google my name. I'm not sure if she does.

Otherwise, my mom is awesome.


Q&L said…
your welcome Tiffany :)
Ange said…
I thought I was the coolest person in the whole wide world. haha, yeah right.

Thanks for blogging. It helps keep me entertained. :)

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