I had a really good idea for a blog post, but I forget what it was. Either that or I'm lying. Guess you'll never know.

Spring is here. I am so relieved to see the patches of snow and ice clear up more each day. Crescent "Lake" is more "Lake" and less glacier every day too. Would you believe that there are already ducks and geese swimming in that "lake"? Actually, the Canada geese have been kicking around here for weeks already - even before the water was back. Not sure how those things could get any dumber. Last summer I fantasized about punting them into the water on my morning walks. I think I may have mentioned it on facebook and started a days-long conversation with a couple of friends about it. Isn't it cute the way they hiss and beat their wings at you as you run by? No? Didn't think so. Apparently all I have to do is feed them loads of bread and they'll all cripple up and drown.

I'm not really going to do that. Punting them into the lake would be far more humane. And when I say "punt" I don't mean punt, I mean PUNT.

I took Mitchie and Elliot for a stroll this morning along that lake. Mitchie sat in the stroller and watched for ducks. He was quite interested in the ones that dove down to hunt for food. Not sure what they eat at the partially thawed bottom of the mostly frozen pond, but whatever. If you're slow enough to come back before summer officially settles in then you get what you get. It's like showing up at the end of the Sunday buffet at the local greasy spoon. Don't complain about what's being served.

I've been running most mornings. I'm feeling better about it all the time. On Saturday I ran 9.4 miles with only one pit stop to use a washroom. I took no walk breaks or "lay in the grass" breaks. Not that I've ever done that, but I do know someone who has (that's how I knew he liked me, way back when he came running with me, and obviously was not a runner).

Crazy thing? My legs weren't sore afterward, or the next day. I still can't believe my body can do these things. It's cool.

I have less than two months left. I also have less than four miles to work up to. I actually have no doubt that I could run a half marathon now, but I want to do it better than I'd be able to do it now. I guess time will tell. I can't wait.

I'd have Steven take a picture of me crossing the finish line to post on here, but I have this nasty habit of turning an unnatural shade of red when I exercise. I think people think I'm having a stroke, or that I've somehow managed to sever my oxygen supply. I assure you this is not the case. I just have wonderful red undertones in my skin that boastfully "glow" anytime I exert myself. I once went to an aerobics class where I'm sure the instructor kept glancing over at me when she'd ask how everyone was doing. I think she was worried.

But I digress.

Where was I? Running, skin, yadda, yadda.

I ate everything that came within arms reach today. My diet (if you can call it that) is the "count calories when I feel like it" diet. I didn't feel like it after lunch. The first half of the day was fantastic. The second half? Well, I should be good for the rest of the week. Too bad Steven went out to bust up the Easter Bunny for forgetting about me again this year. That bunny hates me. He's been biting his thumb at me for years now.

He assures me that although he does bite his thumb, he does not bite his thumb at me. Peckerhead easter bunny anyway.

Speaking of which, I saw the wererabbit today! You know the cute little bunnies that hop all around Portage? It wasn't one of them. This thing was huge and fierce looking. I almost went the other way. It was like a mini kangaroo. Steven figured it was probably less wererabbit and more jack rabbit. Either way, it was huge, and it bounded along on all four legs simultaneously. I told Mitchie it was the Easter bunny. He'll probably have nightmares about Easter for years.


OMG - I am a fellow tomato face gal when I exercise. No matter how fit I am I always look like I am about to die & people get really freaked out. I have the moment of why is everyone staring at me & then I realize that my face must look like it is about to explode. Ah well - unfortunately you can't change it.
Tiff - the last post was me Michelle - I guess D'Arcy forgot to logoff of his account. Sorry for the confusion!
Naomi said…
I remember how red you used to get, that's ok, no one should care about that when you run a freaking 1/2 marathon. You are a superstar!
Q&L said…
just get him to take the picture and edit it with the 'red-eye' remover feature in Microsoft Picture manager :) take the pic or you'll regret not getting that shot!!
Tiffany said…
I suppose. I'd hate to not have it documented, even if I DON'T post it all over the internet.

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