nine months

My baby is trying to suck on my computer. I'm sitting on the love seat with my feet resting on the coffee table and the laptop on my legs. Elliot, who quite possibly wants some attention, is standing here and turning her head sideways so that she can suck on the edge of the computer screen. She sucks on a lot of things these days. She's got five teeth. They are some pretty far out teeth. The middle two on the top have opted not to appear yet, and the ones to either side of the front two are there. She looks like a vampire. Then she's got three on the bottom that are as crooked as can be. I'm thinking of fashioning her some baby braces out of twist ties. We're on a budget.

The baby (in my humble, non-biased opinion) is gorgeous. Even today, when she's mouth breathing because any of the snot that's not oozing down into her mouth is blocking her nasal passages. She's also teething and has rosy cheeks and loads of drool and she's got her super-long tongue out to try and suck the snot off of her upper lip. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for that snot-sucking sound she's been making when she's not huffing and puffing to breath unnaturally. Nothing better than a baby with a cold. And painful snaggly teeth.

Even still, her innate mischievousness and goofiness shines through. She's awesome. Even when she somehow fails to fully digest her blueberries and her poo actually stains her bum blue. Nothing better than a blue baby bum.


I decided to take a picture or two in honour of Ellie's now being 9 months. This is where I found her (she'd become bored of attacking the computer):

See all the toilet paper behind her? She loves t.p. I'm sure it'll translate into a breezy potty training experience later.

Ooh, camera!

See the teeth? How crazy is that? Unless maybe those are her two front teeth and she's just going to have an enormous gap... Hope not.

I cleaned her up for the next few:

That's my baby.


Ange said…
She is beautiful!!!

I can't believe she's 9 months already! You just had her, didn't you?
Tiffany said…
I really did! I can't believe how time flies. I feel bad that I didn't take more pictures and write more stuff down in the last 9 months! Yay for the blog I guess.

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