mail call

Today Mitchie got a bank statement in the mail. I didn't think much of it. I usually just shred those, or put it in the file and shred the one it replaces. Today someone told Mitchie that it was his mail. He hugged it to himself and carried it around all evening. Each individual page is topped with his name. You should have seen his joy. I just tucked him in to bed. I took the book he was reading and slid it under his pillow. The kids love to have a book under their pillows at night.

What did I find under the pillow? His mail.

Man I love that kid.


Sonya said…
Dillon loves to get mail too. He treasured his birthday cards from Grandparents and loves it when he gets mail from Louie the Lightning Bug. Yay! More trading cards - lol.
But to be honest, I get pretty excited about personal mail too. ;)
Hes said…
That's priceless!!!
Ange said…
Awwww.... under his pillow. That is adorable! He is adorable!

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