I have so much crap to do and so little motivation to actually do it. This morning I actually planned a nice, comprehensive to-do list layout. It has two columns, one for the daily breakdown of my weekly chores, and a second column for extra things I need to do this week. Doesn't it sound efficient? Too bad it's only in my head thus far.

To Do:
  • make list

Sometimes I plan (in my head, where all the best laid plans are soon forgotten) ways to make my plans better. You should see the cute little to-do list book I'm going to buy.

To Do:
  • buy cute book to keep ongoing to-do lists in.

Of course, I don't know if anyone has actually designed or created my cute little book yet.

To Do:
  • patent some sort of cute little to-do list book.

All the best moms/wives/indentured servants are entirely on top of their daily tasks and chores. I bet they're all on their couches right now, dreaming of ways to make planning on completing household chores more efficient.

To Do:
  • rewrite that last sentence so it makes as much sense to the next person as it makes to me.

I guess I should first do some dishes, maybe put the wash into the dryer, perhaps fold some laundry.

Had I put kid#3 to bed earlier I could have had a nap now. It's now a little too late to put him down if I want him to go to bed tonight.

If only I had the get up and go to get up and go get this one cute little notebook that I actually do own. I could probably make some sort of fancy list in that one.

To Do:
  • something about some list.


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