not me! monday

Firstly, I would seriously not write a weekday-sensitive post a day late and try to pass it off as being on time, because I do not procrastinate on just about everything on my to do list.

The other day, when picking up my son from nursery school I did not show up extra early so my younger two children could sneak in some free nursery school playtime a year (or three) early. If I had, I certainly wouldn't have grabbed Elliot, Tennyson and Angela's son Aaron and head out to the parking lot, waving goodbye to the teachers and Tennyson's friends before piling my kids in the van only to realize that I'm short one.

I certainly would not be one of those mothers who forgets a kid somewhere and leaves the building. If I were to do that I wouldn't make excuses afterward, based on the fact that I usually didn't have him in there with me (because I certainly don't leave him in the van when I run in), or that I had Angela's son with me, so the head count would have still given me three children.

Not me. My kids are always present and accounted for, never overlooked, and always within sight and arm's reach. Absolutely.


Naomi said…
Oh my gosh Tif! I am very glad that you have decided that 4 is enough because if you are forgetting children already . . . That is hilarious!
Jen said…
I've never done that. Nope. Never.

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