Ten Things About Elliot

Ten Things About Elliot
  1. She loves coffee
  2. She yells Way! when she's mad at someone or her siblings get in her personal space (It means go aWAY)
  3. She's clingy but not necessarily cuddly.
  4. She has one favorite blanket and if I try to put other blankets or stuffed animals in her crib she will toss them all out and just curl up and fall asleep on her blankie.
  5. She loves snacks, especially if they're not hers.
  6. She loves her baths and has a major tantrum if I decide bathtime is over before she does.
  7. She's obsessive compulsive about open cupboards or drawers and will follow me around the kitchen shutting them.
  8. She's now learned how to take her own pants off.
  9. She's probably a little spoiled. She's definitely a princess.
  10. She's the cutest little toddler EVER!


Candice said…
I think we need a picture!

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