should just stay on quarantine for a few more days I guess

It's been a fun few days here at the Verwey house. I woke up late Saturday night (early Sunday morning) feeling pretty awful. It was about 3am. I knew what was coming - I always know it's coming. There is no way the stomach flu goes around without having it hit here before it's gone. By 4am both boys were throwing up. Around 5am it was my turn to start.

Freaking fantastic!

On Sunday evening Jordan threw up a couple of times. You'll be truly happy to know that she does not chew her kraft dinner. At all.

I kept everyone home on Monday. No school for Jordan, no diaper gym for the rest of us. We had a jammie and movie day. Happily, nobody dragged the throwing up part of their disgusting illnesses into Monday.

I'm still waiting for Elliot. Is it too much to hope that she has somehow avoided this bout? My fingers are crossed so hard they hurt.

If you're wondering about Steven, he won't get it. He has never had it since I've known him. He hops in and strips pukey beds and scrubs carpets and mops up little sad faces once the deed is done, but his body is somehow immune. Not sure who he paid off for that one.

This morning I took Jordan to school and the rest of us went to play group. At 11 the school secretary called me and told me that I needed to come and pick up Jordan because she was sick. I hurried Tennyson, Mitchell and Elliot back into their snowsuits and we rushed down to the school.

Her tummy hurts. And she's mad she's missing hot dog lunch at school, and can I please make hot dogs?

So frustrating.


Neodad said…
Yeah, my little ear infection was a little pissed that he missed hot dog day too. Same request: hot dogs for lunch, and then supper.
Good luck Tiffany!
Tiffany said…
Ear infections are the worst!! We don't mess around with them either. I take the kids in at the first sign of one. We haven't actually had many.

This afternoon Jordan went outside, shoveled off the entire rink and then laced up her skates and practiced skating for an hour. I think I was duped!!
Neodad said…
David chose a spirited day of MarioKart. And drug-seeking.
Tiffany said…
Sounds like a good day to me!

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