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The other day a friend of mine told me that she liked my reading list and had been reading some of the books that I had listed there.

I was confused for a minute. Then I remembered - I have a reading list! I started it last year but kind of forgot to update it a few months into the year. There are 15 books listed there, and I'm sure I only wrote it down for a few months. I did a lot of reading after Christmas last year. I don't know if you know this, but books are better than movies. It's true.

I also have this habit of watching the movies before I read the book. I find that if I read the book first I never like the movie, because I have sky-high expectations, and a love of the characters and a picture in my mind of what the characters look like, sound like, act like, etc. I envision their kitchens, their homes and the layout of the town. Then I watch the movie. It never fails to disappoint. The depth isn't the same, chunks are missing and characters seem sadly one dimensional.

So I watch the movie first and I love it. Then I read the book and it's even better! See where I'm going here?

I'm not saying I actually don't like the movie once I've read a book, but I know I'd like it more if I had gone into it fresh.

I'm going to restart my reading list this year. If you're interested there's a tab here somewhere (beside 'home') that will take you to it. If you have book suggestions, by all means add them here! Last year I read books by Steig Larson, Jodie Picoult, Janet Fitch, Margaret Atwood, and more, as well as a bunch of fluffy stuff. Some of my favorite fluffy writers are Janet Evanovich and Jennifer Crusie. The only problem is that I've pretty much read everything the library has by them, and I hate buying books. I read them too fast and then never again.

I also like Christopher Moore and Tim Dorsey. I think they're man-fluffy.

About Janet Evanovich - Come on Stephanie, pick a man already. Your series probably should have ended about ten books ago.


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