can i read to you?

Jordan: Mitchell, do you want me to read you your library book? Lucky Duck?
Mitchell: Yeah!
Tennyson: No! She's making you smush your brain!
Jordan. No. Only TV does that, not books.

Jordan loves to read. She especially loves to read to people; me, Steven, the boys and her baby sister. Elliot has learned to sit nicely on Jordan's little lap and be read to. The first few times Jordan tried she had to forcibly clench her in her arms while Elliot struggled to escape, all while managing somehow to hold and read a book. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

It's no surprise that she's a reader. We've always read to our kids. I'm pretty sure I bought story books for her while I was still pregnant with her. I remember a few times laying on the queen sized bed beside my infant daughter and reading to her from the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe (not that I ever actually read the complete works). When she got a little older she'd sit on my lap and I'd read while trying to keep her from tearing pages out of the books. After she'd settle down I'd have her find a hat or a tree or a cloud. She loved searching for things on the pages. It helped learned colors and numbers and vocabulary. Once she learned what a J looked like she'd interrupt my story-telling to show me the Js she found in the text.

We've done the same things with the boys and they too love to be read to. Now Ellie can often be found sitting with a book, upside down or right side up, flipping pages, and talking to herself as if she's reading. I love it!


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