so far this weekend

The weekend is now half over. Probably more than half, especially considering Steven is up playing Zelda. The kids love watching him play Zelda. I used to forbid it, but it seems my opinion on it has been vetoed. So far Link has been doing a lot of wandering around and flying his bird, but if it gets as dark and scary as the first Zelda game I may have to forbid it again.

Yesterday we had family pictures taken with Steven's dad, Step-Mom, siblings, spouses and kids. It was fun, especially the part where there were twenty people in a basement studio. My favorite part was when I heard something fall and assumed it was one of my kids it turned out to be one of the grownups.

The same thing happens at diaper gym. We'll be sitting at the table, attempting to ignore the goings on of the children when a scrap will break out. I turn, ready to yell at Tennyson (hypothetically of course) and it's someone else's kids. It's a little like Christmas.

Last night we came back here with everyone for supper. We had many contributions to our diner: ham, potatoes, broccoli salad, buns, corn bread, meatballs and finally chocolatey cheesecake.

We followed this with a game of Things in a Box but it seems as though all of us young parents are quick to run out of steam these days and by 9:30 we were yawning and the party drew to a close. It was a nice day!

Today we'll likely stick close to home. Jordan has a birthday party, but we have no other obligations so it should be a nice lazy day.


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