100 things about me, part 1

I've decided to copy a few friends and start a 100 Things list. Will it have new material in it? Maybe. Will it more or less be a very close spin-off of the other lists I have made? Chances are good.

1. This list will NOT end with a pregnancy announcement, as did the 2010 list. That ship has sailed.
2. I picked up my coffee habit midway through my third pregnancy. It was repulsive before, now it's delicious.
3. Diaper gym is the beginning and end of my social life in Portage.
4. I have a son who wants to be a princess when he grows up.
5. I'm not really 29.
6. I love my computer - like really love it. Because it brings me the internet; more specifically reader and facebook. I may have to kick this addiction in the new year.
7. I'd love to consider myself a runner, but I'm starting to think it's more of a fair weather friend. My motivation has tanked in the last while.
8. I can still knock off a cool six miles, more if I'm in the mood.
9. I love my husband. Like really love him. More than coffee or facebook. I probably take him for granted too much.
10. My secret fantasy is to have meals on wheels show up every day at 5 o'clock.
11. Sometimes I let Elliot sit in a dirty diaper a little longer than she should if I know Steven is due home in the near future.
12. I have a towel system. They need to be folded, stacked and rotated a certain way. Steven is not allowed to touch them. Evilly, it's the only laundry he ever races to fold, and then he laughs when I pounce on him and shoo him away.
13. I love sweet things: cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing, oreo blizzards, chocolate bars, the leftover cake sitting in my fridge, cookies, cookies, cookies, granola bars.
14. I love salty things: popcorn, chips, tacos, pizza.
15. I love comfort foods: pasta, carbs carbs carbs.
16. Veggies? If I have to.
17. I need a half hour's notice before people drop in so I can pretend I'm a good housekeeper.
18. I hate mopping. When it gets to the point where I walk through the kitchen and my socks stick to the floor and slip off my feet I will begrudgingly get the  mop out. Until then? I just sweep it and pretend it's clean.
19. Mopping is on my weekly chore schedule, so I can pretend that it's something I do every week.
20. In the last few years I've worn less blue, grey and black, and more pink, purple and red. My daughter thinks it's great I'm sure, but I believe I'm starting to lose my bad-ass reputation.
21. I love to read. Especially when it means that I can skip doing other things and be too distracted to notice.
22. I am seriously non-confrontational, but if you offend me too many times I'll just avoid you like the plague.
23. I really like MarioKart.
24. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of summer camp.
25. I'm already looking forward to camping this summer.


Sonya said…
FYI: If you can run six miles, you ARE a runner. ;)
Catherine said…
Diaper Gym is about my social life too.
Neodad said…
Six . . . yeah. Hard to admit.
23 . . . game on!
Tiffany said…
Oh, it's on alright!

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