the kids have gone back to school! (apparently)

Like all the other good moms out there, I most certainly took pictures of my kids on the first day of school, and then raced home to blog about it. I'd never wait a full month to announce that my kids, like millions of other kids in Canada, were now back at school. Nope. Because I know that everyone is eager to see if they indeed did go back to school, and if I took a picture, and if I love them enough to post the pictures.

Of course I wouldn't be so crazy as to take 46 pictures of my kids on the front steps. Or in between the two trees (Elliot's idea), or in front of the van, even though it's become something of a tradition.

I'd never take pictures in front of the school, making other parents and kids wait to go in the doors. I certainly wouldn't take ten of them, in the hopes that my kids would take the whole thing seriously, because this is semi-important, dammit!

It's not like the kids were getting embarrassed by the time Catherine and I rounded up our kids in the lobby so we could take a friend/family photo, because the kids love when their moms fuss over things like this in front of 80 other kids. Because obviously, their moms love them that much

Elliot's first day of grade 1! She's the last of my kids to shake off being a preschooler and become a full-fledged, all-day school kid. She's not just smiling quickly so that I'll go away and let her get settled. What she really wanted was for me to stay and take pictures all day, I'm sure.

Tennyson too, was thrilled when I was the only parent in his classroom, taking First Day of School pictures. I mean, come on, where were all the other parents? It's not like the first day of grade 4 isn't a milestone!

Mitchell, in grade 3. Dude, just smile quickly and then I'll leave, I promise! I'm not going to leave until I get a picture of you not making that face.... fine whatever. Good enough.

Middle school, for the second year! Grade 6! Of course I wasn't the only parent who followed their kid to junior high. That would be crazy.

 Jordan was not the only kid in her friends group who was embarrassed that I was in the hallway outside her classroom, taking pictures. Because she wasn't. She was so happy. Look at that happy smile.

You know I wouldn't follow Jordan into her classroom, promise her teacher I'd only be a minute, and then bully my daughter into not ducking down and hiding behind her desk so that I could take a desk picture. Nor would I promise her that I'll continue doing this until graduation.

I really can't believe how fast summer went, or that we're already into August. Time flies, kids grow so fast, life is a whirlwind. A crazy, fun, sometimes horrifying whirlwind. I love that these four little goobers are part of mine.


quinnandlyla said…
beautiful, that's great that you are THAT parent :)

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