sick day, thanksgiving edition

Thanksgiving Weekend, 2016. I swear I didn't glance down at the date/time on my task bar before writing 2016. How do the years go so fast?

Steven and the kids went to the Verwey family Thanksgiving gathering. I stayed home. I had debated about whether to go all afternoon, but as my throat got more sore, and my voice disappeared entirely, and the four hour doses of Tylenol weren't chasing away the headache, and I managed to pass out on the couch for an hour during all the chaos in my house, I had to call it. At four o'clock I waved goodbye to my family and fell asleep on the couch for another hour.

Then I woke up and was hungry for some Thanksgiving chips and coke and maybe some ice cream, and a ham sandwich to balance it all out. One would think the appetite would disappear with illness. One would not always be correct.

I watched 22 Jump Street. It was dumb. I realize it's supposed to be dumb, but the only thing that kept me watching was Channing. I'd watch anything for Channing.

Then I watched an hour long documentary called The Out List, where various celebrities, politicians, comedians, etc. talked about what it's like to be gay now, and in the past. It was really interesting. I'd recommend it.

What else. There's really not a lot else, to be honest. I almost wrote TBH. My laziness is starting to spill over into all aspects of my life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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